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SportsMindset was created to combine the sporting world with the world of fitness; to instil healthy habits and use the competitive drive in all of us to build a strong-minded mentality.



Nutrition and you

At SportsMindset we strongly believe that one of the key ingredients to any individual maintaining a healthy physique starts with a proper nutrition system.



SportsMindset Training

The difference between working out and training is having a plan. At SportsMindset we have a range of programs to suit individuals and groups of all ages, competition levels and sports.



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The SportsMindset upcoming activities and programs that you NEED to see.




Watch the SportsMindset video and learn how the SMS Lifestyle can help you achieve your goals.


Training with a SportsMindset?

The SMS Blueprint identifies that the difference between working out and training is having a PLAN. Winning means you're willing to go longer, work harder, and give more than anyone else. SportsMindset's individualised training programs provide the blueprint necessary to reach your fitness goals. We offer our clients a structured, detailed, and consistent path toward success.

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    • There are loads of tasty dishes you can make this festive season that will fill you up with everything great (and not make you dread your return to training). Check out this amazing salad from our awesome Dietitian Greta.  #Repost @greta.hollis
Rocket, Watermelon, Pomegranate & Feta whip *️⃣POMEGRANATE is the perfect addition to this festive looking salad. It is rich in VITAMIN C which helps boost the IMMUNE system. *️⃣ Did you know that when in the body Vit C acts as an ANTIOXIDANT, helping to protect against cell damage. ➡️➡️ I served this salad with a prosciutto, capsicum and pumpkin frittata 
If you want to give this salad a try, you will need: rocket, watermelon, toasted almonds, POMEGRANATE on a bed of feta whip ( blend feta, olive oil, lemon juice and rind, red wine vinegar)

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    • New story 👆🏾checkout the @brisbanebullets DAT boys putting in work. •
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    • Brisbane Bullets DAT Squad putting in work this week. •
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  • SMS Training programs

SMS ran an agility session for our Junior Basketball Club in June 2014. The group comprised approximately 45 juniors ranging in age from 5 years to 17 years of age. The SMS trainers tailored the session to cater for all capabilities and delivered it in a professional and fun way. The trainers' enthusiastic teaching style meant that the juniors were engaged from start to end through a series of different drills, exercises, games and challenges. The girls from SMS obviously love working with juniors and challenging them to achieve. The session received overwhelmingly positive comments from participants, their parents and coaches. I would highly recommend the SMS team to a club or individual interested in improving in their particular sport. Agility and athletic training applied to any sport develops character and work ethic along with the physical skills needed to enjoy and excel.
Karen Clark - All Stars Basketball Club, Toowoomba - Australia