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SportsMindset was created to combine the sporting world with the world of fitness; to instil healthy habits and use the competitive drive in all of us to build a strong-minded mentality.



Nutrition and you

At SportsMindset we strongly believe that one of the key ingredients to any individual maintaining a healthy physique starts with a proper nutrition system.



SportsMindset Training

The difference between working out and training is having a plan. At SportsMindset we have a range of programs to suit individuals and groups of all ages, competition levels and sports.



What's On

The SportsMindset upcoming activities and programs that you NEED to see.




Watch the SportsMindset video and learn how the SMS Lifestyle can help you achieve your goals.


Training with a SportsMindset?

The SMS Blueprint identifies that the difference between working out and training is having a PLAN. Winning means you're willing to go longer, work harder, and give more than anyone else. SportsMindset's individualised training programs provide the blueprint necessary to reach your fitness goals. We offer our clients a structured, detailed, and consistent path toward success.

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    • Our Train the Trainer program is an excellent way to ensure your local staff, coaches and trainers have all the necessary skills to continue the SportsMindset atmosphere and training long after we’ve gone.

Get in touch and find out how to get the most out of your SportsMindset training and create a legacy for your community. •
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    • Had the opportunity to work with Caloundra Basketball on night 1 of their new Girl’s Program and what an awesome night it was! Incredible bunch of young ladies who worked hard, had fun and found their voices! Congrats to Lee, Tim and the Caloundra Basketball team on this great initiative and thank you for having us!
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    • We all need a little help sometimes...and it doesn’t hurt when the person helping you is 6”9. 
We aim to make sure our outREACH athletes participate in a fun, competitive, inclusive environment - challenging themselves and their peers, building their self confidence and creating leaders!
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Thank you SportsMindset! I've always struggled to maintain a healthy weight in my off-season through lack of motivation and not having a solid program to stick to. You gave me all the tools I needed to keep my fitness and weight where it should be and actually put me in better condition than I have been for years. The fitness component suited my schedule, and the gradual increases in the weekly program meant I saw the results that kept me on task! Needless to say my coach was more than impressed when I turned up for preseason and my body appreciated the hard work I'd put in. The modifications you made to enable me to stay on the program during the season has been great and I believe easily accounts for why I've remained injury free.
Katherine, Brisbane - Australia