Weight Loss & Weight Gain Programs

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Individuals looking to improve their performance and/or health & lifestyle.


Combination of strength & conditioning and nutritional analysis helping you to make the complete transformation. This program is both educational and functional.


$250 includes a 4 week online strength & conditioning program, nutritional analysis, education and meal plans. Additional services can be added to this program.


This program is individually tailored to meet your needs whether you want to loose those extra kilos or improve your strength through diet, weight gain and conditioning. It is a complete program that reviews your current nutritional intake, provides meal plans to suit your lifestyle and training program, and is complimented by a personalised online strength and conditioning program.

Our Accredited Practising Dietitian undertakes your nutritional review and plan. With over 10 years clinical and private practise experience, we can ensure you are receiving evidence based, educated, dietary information for a leading industry expert. Packages are flexible with additional nutritional support, gene testing, and ongoing personal support available. All of our reviews and one on one meetings can take place in person or via Skype so you are talking to a real person who is here to support and share in your journey.

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