Elite Athlete Development

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Elite & Semi-Elite Athletes, Junior & Adult. This is an intensive program aimed at elite athletes and those on the pathway to professional and semi-professional programs. You will work hard.


Advanced training work for sport specific movements. Competitive, high intensity training.


$60 per session (60minutes – on court)
Max 6 athletes per group (average 4)


Our Elite Athlete program is flexible, customised the specific needs of each athlete based on their goals and training requirements. Athletes of all levels and abilities need a more sports-oriented training focus.

When describing the physical attributes that contribute to success, we focus on strength, power, strength/power endurance, speed, quickness, agility, movement skills, deceleration, balance, reactivity, aerobic power, anaerobic capacity, flexibility, coordination and body awareness. Reaction speed and efficiency often determine an athlete’s success in beating a competitor.

Sessions are conducted in a small group environment to encourage competition and motivation.

Mindset Skills Training:

Mastering distraction, conquering nerves, overcoming fears and instilling confidence is a valued part of an elite athlete’s preparation. Through competition, goal setting, and reinforcement we allow our athletes to practice this mindset every session.

Our 3 Primary Training Sessions are:

1: Sport Movement:

Agility, quickness, multidirectional speed, external reaction skills, coordination, acceleration and deceleration.

2: Sport Strength:

Muscular, whole-body, multijoint strength (i.e. squats, lunges, push ups etc) ; muscular endurance; explosive power; power capacity; acidosis tolerance; and recovery efficiency.

3: Sport Stability:

Stability, kinaesthetic awareness, proprioception, neuromuscular pathways, transitional balance and internal reactivity.

Nutrition and Diet:

Nutrition plays a major role in both performance and recovery, which is why athletes must plan what they eat and drink .The first step is to thoroughly assess the athlete’s training program, goals and current diet. We strongly recommend our athletes work with SMS Accredited Practising Dietitian Greta Hollis, to plan a nutrition and hydration program that meets their individual needs.

Each sport requires a different combination of these physical and mental characteristics for success. When designing sport programs for athletes we match the appropriate skills with each sports requirements, at the same time evaluating the strengths and weaknesses each athlete has in the above areas. This allows us to consistently track progression.

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