Customised Strength & Conditioning Programs

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Elite, Semi-Elite & Emerging athletes. Weight loss & weight gain clients.


A consistent strength & conditioning program that allows you professional training that you can do on your own and/or with a SMS trainer. Access in-person training sessions or online programs with instructional videos and descriptions of targeted muscles and key training points for each exercise.


$30 (45min session) – with trainer
$20 (45min sessions) min. 2/week – with trainer
$60 – 4 week online training program


Each customised program focuses on your mental and physical transformation. We first start with an evaluation where you will receive a face-to-face meeting with you trainer discussing in detail what you hope to accomplish with the program. Together you and your trainer will set weekly goals and you will be given a SportsMindset user name and password granting you access to your online training program through our SportsMindset Virtuagym software.

Each session will run for approximately 45minutes under the watchful eye of our SportsMindset trainer. We recommend a minimum of two sessions per week if you are serious about seeing changes. Our pricing structure will provide you a 33% discount when completing two or more sessions per week.

Having a set program enables you to be more efficient in the gym or home with your workouts and gives you the support to reach your goals even if you do not have the time to constantly meet with your trainer.

Our online software provides access to instructional videos and a description of the muscles targeted by each exercise in order to further assist our clients in their journey toward success. If completing our online program you will still have access to our team to support you on your journey and to make any modifications necessary.

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