Why SportsMindset?

SportsMindset is the COMPLETE training experience. Our philosophy ‘EVERYONE trains as an athlete’.

SportsMindset seeks to promote physical, mental, and spiritual balance in life through our passion and commitment to sport and fitness. Our dedication to providing the COMPLETE training experience includes creating a positive training atmosphere, crafting effective nutritional plans, and developing our clients mental as well as spiritual focus.

Why SportsMindset?

Our Staff and trainers thrive on teaching the qualities necessary for the success of each individual client.

Nutrition is a valuable element in the journey toward reaching both training goals and improved performance. SportsMindset provides individualized daily meal composition plans and guidelines to help our clients reach their fitness goals. Most importantly, SportsMindset strives to provide the nutritional knowledge needed to create long-term healthy nutritional habits.

Spiritual focus and balance is a critical aspect of the complete training experience. We encourage spiritual development and exploration through the use of meditation, stimulating literature, and motivational passages and quotes. We aspire to push our clients to strengthen their spiritual connection as a means to elevate their fitness and performance, and most significantly, pursue balance in life.

Hard work, heart, passion, faith, sacrifice, perseverance, and the will to prepare to win, foster success in athletics AND success in life. Whether you are training for a sport, or simply seeking a healthy, active lifestyle, we will provide the COMPLETE training environment.

At SMS we work with a variety of clients, understanding the specific requirements of each:

  • Elite Athletes & Sporting Teams
  • Weight loss clients
  • Muscle Development
  • Schools
  • Councils & Community Groups


SportsMindset offers a range of programs to suit everyone.

Can’t find what your after?

Just let us know and we’ll customize a package just for you!