Our Mission

Traditional fitness training targets the development of fitness—endurance, strength, and flexibility, attempting to build better looking bodies from the outside. We took it a step further.

There are profound differences between training like an athlete and simply getting in a good workout. Our fitness approach targets the mental and physical phases of training. We aim to create an atmosphere that breeds greatness by combining sports conditioning and fitness training with qualified performance trainers that stand apart from the average. Just participating in a gym environment is not the complete training experience. We create a program that teaches you to optimizes results, have fun, stay active, and reach your individual and team goals.

Sport fitness training as an athlete includes the secondary components of fitness—multijoint strength, power, speed, quickness, agility, movement skills, acceleration/deceleration, balance, reactivity and anaerobic capacity. This training approach helps all clients enhance their innate abilities. A program that is grounded in scientific research and the development of athleticism is the key to success.

Our Mission

Connect individuals and communities anywhere, sharing positive stories of constant growth, group successes and improved self awareness, while equipping passionate trainers with the knowledge, skills and materials to deliver effective sports and mindset programs.

The SMS Vision

Develop a Sports Mindset in individuals, building positive and proactive lifestyles, contributing to stronger, healthier and more resilient communities.

** Sports as a means to an end = the Sports Mindset**

SMS Values

SportsMindset represents numerous athletic abilities and goals. Our shared values of a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally, support and guide our operations around the world. Success in competition requires the determination to challenge yourself, to grow, and to support one another.

Challenge Yourself

Determined to challenge yourself? Strong performance is our core value. Success enables continuous development in all areas of life. The determination to challenge yourself daily encourages a strong work ethic and high-level performance.

Team Support

We believe in positive reinforcement and teamwork. We want our team to consist of strong individuals who support our common goals.


The prerequisite for development is growth, and the prime mover for growth is to always question the way we do things. Innovated physical and psychological training programs and teaching methods help to assure our athletes and clients are always given the opportunity to grow both in and out of competition.